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6.5" Aluminum Beam with Plastic Strip Inserted
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6.5" Aluminum Beam with Plastic Strip Inserted

Aluminum beam
1. 6.5" high
2. Customized length
3. With plastic strip inserted
  • TPAB001
  • Tuopeng Scaffold
  • 76109000
  • 4.99kg/ m
  • Aluminum
  • Aluminium Alloy 

6.5" Aluminum Beam with Plastic Strip Inserted

  1. For decades, the 6.5" aluma style aluminium A-Beam has been the industry workhorse. Its strength and light weight make for an ideal working combination. When compared to wood, aluminium reduces the total number of horizontal and vertical members required on the job. Because it is lighter than steel, the contractor gains labour productivity through ease of use.

  2. The A-Beam includes a 2" x 2" plastic nailer strip that is designed to provide nail gripping properties similar to wood and will not become soft in hot weather, brittle in cold weather, or crack in extreme cold. Plastic nailers are much more durable than wood nailers and can withstand repeated use because plastic self-heals after fastener removal.

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aluminum beam

aluminum beam 1

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