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8" Caster Wheel with Jack
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8" Caster Wheel with Jack

1. Material: rubber and steel
2. Size: 8" Jack length: 500mm
3. Weight: 7 kg
  • TPSCW001
  • TP
  • 73084000
  • 38mm
  • 7 KG
  • Electro Gal.
  • Q235 

8" Caster Wheel with Jack:


   1. Adjustable scaffold caster wheels

   2. Material: caster: PP, PU; jack: steel

   3. Size available: 125mm x 40mm ; 6": 150mm x 50mm ; 8": 203mm x 50mm

   4. Including plastic sleeve and cap insert at the top of the threaded tube

   5. Loading Capacity: 600kg-700kg

   6. Hollow Screw Stem Size: 38mm x 500mm Long

   7. Widely used as scaffold rack casters wheels, Scaffolding tower casters, scaffold caster wheels

Caster No. Wheel Material Bearing Stem Height Loading
     1 125 x 40 PU Plain 38xx 500 158 600 kg
     2 152 x 50 PU Plain 38xx 500 181 700 kg
     3 200 x 50 PU Plain 38 xx500 241 700 kg

caster wheel with jack

Scaffold caster wheels features

1. Easy to install

2. Different wheel diameters are available

3. Polyurethane wheel tread can protects the floor from damage

4. Galvanized surface finish, can prevent abrasion and corrosion, and keep the scaffold casters bracket long useful life 5. With High loading capacity, chemical resistance and high strength.

6. Chinese scaffold caster manufacturers and suppliers

Details about the plastic parts

caster wheel sleeve and cap


caster wheel packing

Daily scaffold caster wheels maintenance

All our caster wheels productions are professional, and if you want to keep the wheels long-life working, you need to check the scaffolding castor regularly. When you find any problems, please solve problems or replace the scaffold casters as fast as possible to keep safe.

1. Install the scaffold casters on suitable place

2. Do not change or split the scaffold casters structure

3. Check the scaffold casters regularly, confirm all the parts are tightly

4. Use the nut or washer when install the castor

5. Add lubricating oil regularly to ensure wheel and bearing can work long time

6. Remember check the scaffold caster wheel’s wear regularly

Why choose our scaffold caster wheels?

Our caster wheels are available in a wide variety of size, mounting, material and capacity to help you find the correct scaffold casters for your scaffolding tower with durability performance. 

Common type caster wheels for option

    scaffolding caster wheel

8 inches caster wheel


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