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Cuplock System Scaffolding Diagonal Brace
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Cuplock System Scaffolding Diagonal Brace

  • TPCTCSB001
  • Fixed or Mobile
  • Combined Scaffolding
  • Full Scaffolding
  • Attached Lifting Scaffolding
  • Installation Scaffold
  • HDG,Painted,Powder Coated
  • Everprime Scaffold
  • 48.3x2.5mm
  • 73084000
  • Steel
  • Multi-Pole Scaffolding
  • Floor Type Scaffolding
  • External Scaffolding
  • Cuplock Scaffolding
  • Cuplock Scaffolding Brace
  • Various
  • Steel Pallet
  • Jiangsu, China


Cuplock scaffolding brace


  • Cuplock scaffolding brace is made of 48.3mm tubes,with ledger blade assembled.The ledger blade is inserted the cups,helping to fix the whole cuplock system scaffolding.
  • Surface finish:hot dip galvanised long lasting from rusted,powder coated or painted protecting the surface with less cost
  • Packing: steel pallet
  • Various sizes are available(48.3×3.2mm tube): 
                                                       Swivel Blade Brace
Item Code Bay Size Weight(kg)
TPCTCSB1 1.8*1.5 M 8.25
TPCTCSB2 1.8*2 M 9.31
TPCTCSB3 2.5*1.5 M 9.99
TPCTCSB4 2.5*2 M 10.86
TPCTCSB5 3*2 M 12.1
                                                        Swivel clamp brace
Item Code Bay Size Weight(kg)
TPCTCSB6 10'*2M  15.9
TPCTCSB7 9'*2M  15
TPCTCSB8 8'*2M  14
TPCTCSB9 7'*2M  13.2
TPCTCSB10 5'*2M  11.6
TPCTCSB11 2.5'*2M  14.2
TPCTCSB12 1.8'*2M  12.3
TPCTCSB13 1.6'*2M  11.8

Cuplock System Scaffolding Diagonal Brace

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