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Ringlock Scaffolding Steel Plank American Type
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Ringlock Scaffolding Steel Plank American Type

1. Weight: varies to different sizes
2. Size: various
3. Width: 9.5"
4. Surface finish: HDG, pre gal
  • TPRSSPA000

  • TP

  • 73084000

  • 48.3 mm

  • varies to different sizes

  • HDG, pre gal.

  • Q235 

Ringlock scaffolding steel plank American type

1. Ringlock scaffolding steel plank is manufactured with high strength galvanized steel.
2. The thickness of the sheet: 1.8mm
3. The width :  240mm/ 9.5"
4. Various lengths are available
5. Two hooks are assembled to the board
6. Safety locks are used to fix the plank and the tubes in a great way
7. There is also another type of steel plank  for your choice
8. Package: steel pallet
9. Very competitive price and fast delivery
10. We also product   Euro style's Ringlock scaffolding steel plank. We can satisfy needs different country and different people.

ringlock scaffolding steel plank

ringlock scaffolding steel plank


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