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Scaffolding Cup Lock System Cuplock Vertical Leg Post
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Scaffolding Cup Lock System Cuplock Vertical Leg Post

  • TPCTCSS003
  • Fixed or Mobile
  • Combined Scaffolding
  • Full Scaffolding
  • Attached Lifting Scaffolding
  • Installation Scaffold
  • HDG,Painted,Powder Coated
  • Everprime Scaffold
  • 48.3x3.2mm
  • 73084000
  • Steel
  • Multi-Pole Scaffolding
  • Floor Type Scaffolding
  • External Scaffolding
  • Cuplock Scaffolding
  • Cuplock Scaffolding Standard
  • 0.5m,1m,1.5m,2m,3m,etc.
  • Steel Pallet
  • Jiangsu, China

Cuplock scaffolding Standard/Vertical

  • Cuplock scaffolding standard is made of 48.3mm tubes,with cup joints at every 500mm interval.The top cups are mobile,the bottom cups are welded.The work perfectly with ledger blade to lock the scaffolding safely.
  • Surface finish:hot dip galvanised long lasting from rusted,powder coated or painted protecting the surface with less cost
  • Packing: steel pallet
  • Various sizes are available:
Item Code Length Weight(kg)
TPCTCSS050 0.5 M 3.53
TPCTCSS100 1 M 6.31
TPCTCSS130 1.3M 8.28
TPCTCSS150 1.5 M 9.05
TPCTCSS180 1.8 M 11.05
TPCTCSS200 2 M 11.82
TPCTCSS230 2.3 M 13.80
TPCTCSS250 2.5 M 14.57
TPCTCSS280 2.8 M 16.58
TPCTCSS300 3 M 17.34

Scaffolding Cup Lock System Cuplock Vertical Leg Post

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