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Scaffolding Wall Tie Tube
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Scaffolding Wall Tie Tube

1. Out diameter: 48.3mm
2. Weight: varies to different length
3. Material grade: Q235
4. Surface finish: HDG, electro galvanized
  • TPSWT001
  • Tuopeng Scaffold
  • 73084000
  • 48.3 mm
  • varies to different sizes
  • HDG, electro galvanized
  • Q235 

Scaffolding Wall Tie Tube


  1. Scaffold Wall Tie Tube with hooks is Connector Between Scaffolding System and Walls. It is one of ring lock system scaffolding and layher Allround system parts. It is made from metal round tube OD 48.3mm, used for wall tie anchor system connected with walls in construction system scaffolding tower. 
  2. Sizes of the steel tubing with hooks are cust omized from 0.25m to 1.5m
  3. Hook diameter: 18mm or 20mm
  4. Steel grade: Q235 

  5. Surface finish: HDG, electro galvanized, etc.

  6. Various lengths of eye bolts that are compatible with the wall anchoring tube are available here.

  7. Whether you are in the market for a complete scaffolding system, or just need accessories, which are compatible with your current ringlock scaffolding system, or your production, we are here to assist with your  need.


scaffolding wall tie tube

scafolding wall tie tubes with hooks 2

wall tie

scaffolding wall tie tube            

scaffold wall tie tubes with hooks

Eye bolts for scaffolding wall anchoring tube

eye bolt



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