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Introduction to layher scaffolding
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Introduction to layher scaffolding

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Layher scaffolding is a new type of in-line steel scaffolding with self-locking function. This article will introduce the relevant knowledge of layher scaffolding, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

 layher scaffoldings,

Introduction of layher scaffolding.

The company has layher scaffolding products.

Introduction of layher scaffolding.

Layher scaffolding is a new type of in-line steel scaffolding with self-locking function. layher scaffolding has large bearing capacity, fast construction speed, strong stability and convenient on-site management.The main components are columns and cross bars. The structure of the disc buckle nodes is reasonable. The axial force transmission of the poles makes the three-dimensional structure of the ring-layer scaffold high in strength, good overall stability, and reliable self-locking function, which can effectively improve the overall stability and strength of the scaffold. Safety can better meet the needs of construction safety. layher scaffolding is quick to disassemble and assemble, labor-saving, simple structure, stable and reliable, strong versatility, large carrying capacity, safe and efficient, not easy to lose, easy to manage, and easy to transport.

Layher scaffolding is universal: layher scaffolding can be constructed according to specific construction requirements to form single-row, double-row scaffolding, support frames, support columns and other multi-functional construction equipment with different frame sizes, shapes and load-bearing capacities.

Layher scaffolding has high efficiency: simple structure, convenient and quick disassembly and assembly, completely avoiding the loss of bolt operation and the dispersion of fasteners, and the assembly and disassembly speed of joints is more than 5 times that of conventional blocks. Fast and labor-saving installation and disassembly. The worker uses a handful of iron. The hammer can complete all operations.

The layher scaffolding has a large bearing capacity: the rods are connected to the same bearing socket, the nodes are in the frame plane, and the joints have mechanical properties such as bending, shearing and torsion. The structure is stable and the bearing capacity is large.

The company has layher scaffolding products.

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