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The current crisis in the construction industry and skyrocketing scaffolding prices.
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The current crisis in the construction industry and skyrocketing scaffolding prices.

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Construction scaffolding is the basis of a renovation, especially in this period, with the 110% bonus and the facade bonus, the demand for construction scaffolding has skyrocketed and so has the respective price. Let's analyze in detail everything related to scaffolding focusing on:

  • What are construction scaffolding?

  • What types of scaffolding are there?

  • How much do construction scaffolding cost?

  • What is happening in the scaffolding industry?


What are construction scaffolding?

Building scaffolding are temporary works, i.e. temporary reticular structures, usually equipped with decks, set up for the construction, maintenance, renovation or recovery of building works. Until the early decades of the twentieth century, building scaffolding was purely made of wood which was then replaced with steel and in recent times with aluminum. There are various types of construction scaffolding including tube and joint scaffolding (PTG), prefabricated frame scaffolding (PTP) and prefabricated post and transom scaffolding (PMTP) also known as multidirectional.The construction scaffolding is still today one of the most used tools for the construction of buildings and renovations in safety. In work at height, the use of scaffolding is regulated by the law which establishes:

What types of scaffolding are there?

The choice of the type of construction scaffolding is linked both to the place where the scaffolding will be mounted, to the work to be performed and the space available. The choice of scaffolding will coordinate with the safety plan of the entire construction site. Let's see the various types of building scaffolding and define their characteristics:

Scaffolding with tubes and joints

This type of scaffolding is the oldest and lends itself to be used on different occasions thanks to its flexibility and having a variable and modular geometry that allows you to reach any extension and perform works that would otherwise be impractical. This type of scaffolding is made by connecting pipes together and making the connection by means of a joint. The assembly of this type of scaffolding obviously requires specialized labor, it requires more time than the others for both assembly and disassembly. Among the other disadvantages it is also necessary to consider the weight of the structure and that once installed it can no longer be changed.

Scaffolding with prefabricated frames

Scaffolding with prefabricated frames is less robust, lighter therefore also easier and faster to transport and assemble. This type of scaffolding is made by connecting several metal frames on which the bases and parapets are fixed; however, this type of scaffolding can only be used on linear architectural structures.

Multidirectional scaffolding

The multidirectional scaffolding is very similar to the joint tube. The element that distinguishes it is a welded rosette that allows you to connect the various parts. The multidirectional scaffolding therefore combines the adaptability of the tube-joint scaffolding or the speed of the one with prefabricated frames, the cost is in fact even higher but it will be possible to have a considerable saving on labor.

Scaffolding on wheels or scaffolding

There is also this other type of very compact and mobile scaffolding, consisting of metal pipes and boards and does not need anchoring because it has its own stability. The scaffolding is mainly used for quick and short-time finishing works.

How much do construction scaffolding cost?

In a renovation or new construction job, the cost of scaffolding can affect the overall budget. The price of scaffolding is usually calculated per square meter: for the first month the price includes the cost of transport, assembly and disassembly and any additional accessories to be mounted for the safety of the construction site, for the following months a lower cost is established.

For the cost of the scaffolding, on the other hand, a daily or weekly rental is considered, precisely because its use is required for short periods. The longer the rental period, the lower the daily rental price will be. The rental price of the scaffolding is around € 50/70 if it is a small scaffolding up to € 250/300 for scaffolding exceeding 15 meters.

What is happening in the scaffolding industry?

As we anticipated, the state bonuses have increased the work of construction companies in a whirlwind, making it difficult to find materials with the consequent increase in prices. In particular the scaffolding, which once cost around € 211 per square meter, now it has reached almost € 25. Then there are companies that decide to buy them, but if before they cost € 35 per square meter, today their price has risen to € 70 per square meter. All construction companies are in difficulty and many jobs are on the waiting list due to the lack of scaffolding.

One of the biggest problems is linked to the SuperBonus 110% as the bonus provides that the costs indicated by the Price List for the approval of the works are respected, among which we also find the scaffolding list. Unfortunately, the price list has not been updated since July and the scaffolding at that time cost almost half and it is also for this reason that many works are stopped. An advanced solution was to import construction scaffolding from abroad, although it is a costly solution in any case, but if you choose scaffolding from Poland that are slightly cheaper, for example, they do not have ministerial certifications and therefore cannot be used, the site would be seized.

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