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Frame scaffolding
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Tuopeng Scaffold is supplier and exporter of various system scaffolds for industrial scaffolding as well as construction scaffolding. Our scaffolding equipments include ringlock system, cuplock system, tubes and couplers, frames and accessories, formwork props, aluminum beams, etc.

Frame scaffolding

Scaffolding is the main component used in almost all buildings around the world to support workers and provide the access needed for construction projects. Frame scaffolding is also one of the most common types of scaffolding on construction sites around the world. 

The various parts of the frame scaffolding not only provide a place for the workers to work, but also act as ladders to enable the workers to reach the required working height. 

The use of quality frame scaffolding at the construction site ensures great safety. Durable frame scaffolding reduces the risk of workers and passers-by falling and getting injured. In fact, frame scaffolding provides workers with a smooth platform that allows them to move, stand and sit while at work. In addition, frame scaffold safety should be a top priority for any construction site, as it allows workers working at heights to feel at ease. 

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Nanjing Tuopeng Construction Technology Co., Ltd is a professional scaffolding manufacturer and exporter of all types of safest scaffolding materials from China,with fast delivery time and competitive prices.

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Tel:  +86-25-56872002
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E-mail: info@tp-scaffold.com
Add: No. 21 Chenlv Road, Xiongzhou Street, Luhe Area, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China
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