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System scaffolding requirements
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System scaffolding requirements

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System scaffolding is a new type of in-line steel scaffolding with self-locking function. This article will introduce the relevant knowledge of system scaffolding, and I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

The erection requirements of the system scaffolding.

The company has system scaffolding products.

The erection requirements of the system scaffolding.

In the scaffolding of the system, attention should be paid to the level and firm foundation, the base and the pad should be set up, and there should be reliable drainage measures to prevent the foundation from being soaked by the accumulation of water.

According to the setting of the connecting wall poles and the size of the load, the commonly used system scaffolding pole span is generally 1.05~1.55m, the masonry system scaffolding step distance is generally 1.20~1.35m, and the system scaffolding for decoration or masonry and decoration is generally 1.80m, the vertical distance of the pole is 1.2~2.0m. The allowable erection height is 34~50m. The allowable erection height is 24m.

The longitudinal horizontal rod is set on the inner side of the vertical rod, and the length is not less than 3 spans. The longitudinal horizontal rod can adopt butt joint fasteners or lap joints. If the butt fastener method is adopted, the butt fasteners should be arranged in a staggered manner; if the overlap connection is adopted, the overlap length should not be less than 1 m, and 3 rotating fasteners should be installed at equal intervals.

The main node of the system scaffolding (ie, the fastening point where the three poles of the vertical pole, the vertical horizontal pole, and the horizontal pole abut) must be fastened with a right-angle coupler for the horizontal pole, and it is strictly forbidden to remove it. The center distance of right-angle couplers at the main node is not more than 150mm. In the double-row system scaffolding, the outer extension of one end of the horizontal rod against the wall should not be greater than 0.4 times the horizontal distance of the vertical rod, and should not be greater than 500mm; Prototypes need to be set at equal intervals, and the maximum distance should not be greater than 1/2 of the longitudinal distance.

The company has system scaffolding products.

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