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The function of system scaffolding
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The function of system scaffolding

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System scaffolding is a new type of linear steel scaffolding with a self-locking function. This article contains important knowledge about scaffolding and I hope it will be useful to everyone.

System Scaffolding

l The function of system scaffolding.

l The company owns system scaffolding products.

The function of system scaffolding.

System scaffolding is a temporary facility for the convenience of construction activities and safe operation. It occupies a large proportion of the project cost, labor volume, and construction period. Construction units should pay attention to the use of system scaffolding.System scaffolding refers to the scaffolding that is used on construction sites for exterior walls, interior decoration or places with high storey height that cannot be directly constructed, for construction personnel to work up and down or for maintenance of peripheral safety nets and high-altitude installation components. System scaffolding is an indispensable and important facility in the construction of construction projects. The main functions are as follows:

1. It can make construction workers operate in different building parts at high altitude.

2. Ensure the safety of construction workers during high-altitude operations.

3. It can stack and transport a certain amount of building materials.

4. Ensure the necessary footholds for construction workers to carry out construction at high altitudes.

5. Provide peripheral protective frame for high-altitude construction personnel.

6. Provide a platform for unloading for high-altitude construction personnel.

The erection of the system scaffolding is not only related to the personal safety of the construction personnel, but also has a direct relationship with the project progress and project quality. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the types and uses of the system scaffolding, so that the corresponding system scaffolding can be adopted according to the construction environment.

In the process of building construction, many projects require high-altitude work, and system scaffolding is inevitably used. For example, masonry turning walls, pouring concrete, wall plastering, decoration and painting, installation of structural components, etc., all need to set up system scaffolding next to it, which is an indispensable temporary facility in building construction.

The company owns system scaffolding products.

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