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Safety requirements for system scaffolding
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Safety requirements for system scaffolding

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The system scaffolding ensures the smooth progress of the construction process. This article will introduce the relevant knowledge of the system scaffolding framework, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

System Scaffolding

l Safety requirements for system scaffolding.

l System scaffolding products owned by the company.

Safety requirements for system scaffolding.

System Scaffold is a general term for Cuplock Scaffold, Ringlock Scaffold and scaffolds with different connection methods but similar principles derived from Ringlock Scaffolds, such as bolt type, buckle plate Types, etc., should be included in the category of system scaffolding. Clamp and Tube Scaffold are also included in the system scaffolding.

1. The system scaffolding personnel must be qualified professional scaffolders. Workers recruited after employment should undergo regular medical examinations, and only those who pass the exam can start work with a certificate.

2. Personnel setting up the system scaffolding must correctly wear safety helmets, fasten seat belts, and wear non-slip shoes. When erecting scaffolding, fences and warning signs should be set up on the ground, and special personnel should be sent to guard it, and non-operating personnel are strictly prohibited from entering.

3. The quality of the components and fittings of the system scaffolding and the quality of erection are checked and accepted, and they are allowed to be used after they are qualified.

4. During the use of the system scaffolding, the following items should be checked regularly:

①The setting and connection of rods, whether the structure of connecting wall parts, supports, door openings and elms meet the requirements;

②Whether the foundation is waterlogged, whether the base is loose, and whether the pole is suspended;

③Whether the fastener bolts are loose;

④Whether the deviation between the settlement and the verticality of the pole meets the requirements;

⑤Whether the safety protection measures meet the requirements;

⑥Whether it is overloaded.

5. During the use of the system scaffolding, it is strictly forbidden to remove the following rods:

①Large crossbar, small crossbar, vertical and horizontal sweeping bars at the main node;

②Even the wall parts.

6. When workers work on the system scaffolding, they should pay attention to their own safety and protect the safety of others, and avoid collision, accident and falling objects; it is strictly forbidden to play on the system scaffolding and sit on the railings and other unsafe places to rest.

System scaffolding products owned by the company.

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