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Scaffolding walkthrough frame set for sale
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Scaffolding walkthrough frame set for sale

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5' Wide x 6' 6" Tall Walk-Thru Scaffold Frame Set

 Frame Leg: 1.625" OD (1-5/8")

 Lock Spacing is 27-3/4"

 Each Set Includes:

     2 - 5'W x 6' 6"T Walk-Thru Scaffold Frames

     2 - 7' x 27-3/4"' Tubular Cross Braces

     4 - Coupling Pins (1-3/8")

     4 - Spring Clips

This Frame has 3-Locks on each Leg (27-3/4" between Locks).

5' x 6'6" walk through frame

scaffolding walkthrough frame

7' x 27-3/4"' Tubular Cross Braces

scaffolding cross brace

Other components are available

Base jack/ levelling jack

scaffolding levelling jack

Coupling pins

scaffolding coupling pins

Goosers and guard rails

scaffolding goosers and guard rails

Tubular side bracket

scaffolding bracket

Iron angle side bracket

frame scaffolding side bracket

Saddle pin

scaffolding saddle pin

Snap pins

scaffolding snap pin

Pig tails

scaffolding pig tail


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