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Types of scaffolding frame
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Types of scaffolding frame

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The scaffolding frame ensures a smooth construction process. This article provides relevant scaffolding insights that will hopefully be useful to all.

Types of scaffolding frame.

Scaffolding frame products owned by the company.

Types of scaffolding frame.

Scaffolding frame mainly includes portal frame (Walkthrough Frame or Open Frame) and ladder frame (Step Frame or Ladder Frame) due to different application methods and designs. There are also companies that make the columns of the portal frame into double tubes to increase the bearing capacity. Or change the portal frame into an arched structure, and its mechanical principles are basically the same. Its nodes are characterized by rigid knots.

Portal scaffolding is a kind of mobile scaffolding produced in factories and erected on site. It is one of the most commonly used scaffolding frames in the world today. It can be used not only as external scaffolding, but also as internal scaffolding or full-room mobile scaffolding. Portal steel scaffolding is widely used in the construction of buildings, bridges, tunnels, subways and other projects due to its standardized geometric dimensions, reasonable design, good mechanical properties, easy erection and dismantling during construction, safety and reliability, cost-effectiveness and practicality. The lower part is equipped with wheels, which can also be used as a working platform for electromechanical installation, paint painting, equipment maintenance, and advertising production. When erecting scaffolding for steel portal tubes, the scaffolding should normally only be erected in accordance with the service loads and erection standards specified in the product catalogue, and does not need to be subjected to additional testing.

The portal frame, which has been introduced and widely used in our country, is one of the foreign frame-type scaffolds. It is mainly used in places where personnel and materials need to be passed in the middle of the frame. Another variety of scaffolding frame, the ladder frame, is more widely used in foreign countries, because many applications do not require the passage of personnel and materials in the middle of the frame, and the safety and economic performance ratio of the ladder frame will be relatively higher, but they have not been introduced and widely used to our country yet. Therefore, there is a misunderstanding that the portal frame has replaced the common type scaffolding

Scaffolding frame products owned by the company.

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