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Safety requirements for scaffolding frame
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Safety requirements for scaffolding frame

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The scaffolding frame ensures a smooth construction process. This article will introduce the relevant knowledge of the scaffolding frame framework, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

Safety requirements for scaffolding frame.

Scaffolding frame products owned by the company.


Safety requirements for scaffolding frame.

Scaffolding frame is a kind of mobile scaffolding produced in factories and erected on site. It is currently one of the most commonly used scaffolds in the world. scaffolding frame can be used not only as external scaffolding, but also as internal scaffolding or full-room mobile scaffolding. Scaffolding frame is widely used in the construction of buildings, bridges, tunnels, subways and other projects due to its standardized geometry, reasonable design, good mechanical properties, easy assembly and disassembly, safety and reliability, cost-effectiveness and practicality. The wheels can also be used as a working platform for electromechanical installation, paint painting, equipment maintenance, and advertising production.

The erection of frame-type scaffolding generally only needs to be constructed according to the use load and erection regulations listed in the product catalog, and there is no need to carry out verification. If the actual usage is different from the regulations, corresponding reinforcement measures should be adopted or verification should be carried out. Usually, the height of scaffolding frame is limited to 45m, and it can reach about 80m after taking certain measures. The value of the construction load is generally: the uniform load is 1.8kN/㎡, or the concentrated load acting on the midspan of the scaffold is 2kN.

Scaffolding frame is a tool-type standard part made of ordinary steel pipe material, which is assembled on the construction site. The basic unit of scaffolding frame is composed of a pair of portal frames, two pairs of cross braces, a pair of horizontal beams and four connectors. Several main blocks are stacked vertically using fittings and secured with handles to form a multi-layered frame. In the horizontal direction, reinforcing rods and horizontal beams are used to connect adjacent units into a whole, and inclined ladders, railings and crossbars are added to form an external portal scaffolding that connects up and down.

Scaffolding frame products owned by the company.

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