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Safety requirements for layher scaffolding
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Safety requirements for layher scaffolding

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The layher scaffolding ensures the smooth progress of the construction process. This article will introduce the relevant knowledge of the layher scaffolding framework, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

Safety requirements for layher scaffolding.

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Safety requirements for layher scaffolding.

(1) When erecting high-rise layher scaffolding, all materials used must meet the quality requirements.

(2) The foundation of high-rise layher scaffolding must be firm, calculated before erection, meet the load requirements, and erect according to construction specifications, and take good drainage measures.

(3) Technical requirements and specifications for layher scaffolding erection.

(4) Various structural measures must be attached great importance to: Scissors, tie points, etc. should be set up as required.

(5) Horizontal sealing: starting from the first step, every step or two steps should be covered with scaffold boards or scaffold fences. The scaffold boards should be laid in the long direction. The joints should be overlapped on the small crossbars. Empty boards are strictly forbidden. And pave a long safety fence every four steps between the inner pole and the wall.

(6) Vertical closure: From the second to the fifth step, a 1.00m high protective railing and foot guard or a net must be set on the inner side of the outer row of vertical poles for each step, and the protective pole (net) must be fastened to the vertical pole. ; In addition to protective barriers above the fifth step, all safety fences or safety nets should be set up; in the streets or densely populated areas, you should start from the second step, and all the outer sides should be set up with safety fences or safety nets.

(7) The layher scaffolding should be 1.5m higher than the top of the building or the operating surface, and enclosures should be added.

(8) Before the layher scaffolding is used, the person in charge of the site should organize the inspection and acceptance, and the scaffold can be used after passing the acceptance and filling in the inspection form. During the construction process, there should be professional management, inspection and maintenance, and regular settlement observation should be carried out. Reinforcement measures should be taken in time if abnormalities are found.

layher scaffolding products owned by the company.

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