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How safe is frame scaffolding?
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How safe is frame scaffolding?

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frame scaffolding has been used as a construction tool for hundreds, even thousands of years. It is used for large construction work as a way for workers to complete their projects where needed. Why is it so important? Is the frame scaffold safe after all?

  • What are the advantages of frame scaffolding?

  • Rules for framing scaffolding

  • What should not be done on the scaffold?

  • Conclusion

What are the advantages of frame scaffolding?

1. Reliable two-way self-locking frame scaffolding capability: the locking function of a rod and rod on the connecting plate is mainly realized and ensured by designing the structure to reduce the disadvantages of traditional artificial frame scaffolding; A second rod connected to multiple locking bars and of the same format in the same node from the traditional interlocking device into a single independent self-locking rope in the form of mutual exit.

2. Comprehensive economy: no moving parts, only one pole, two types of rail components, pole, pole are completely manufactured in the factory, the traditional maximum protection zero scaffolding mobile accessories are easy to lose, reduce economic losses construction units prone to corruption; The second is that there is no movable locking member, circular scaffold in use by each node to bear a reasonable distribution of tension and stress, reasonable force nature to ensure its good stiffness and overall stability, maximum to prevent the hidden danger caused by the traditional scaffold movable locking member.

3. More convenient and faster installation: only the two ends of the horizontal bar corresponding to the cone need to be inserted, and then it can be knocked tight and quickly overlapped. The riding quality cannot be achieved by traditional scaffolding. Its mount is 8-10 times faster than split steel scaffolding fasteners, and more than twice as fast as the bracket.

4. Large capacity: high-precision vertical cross circular button multi-function steel scaffold rod shaft and shaft, reasonable force in nature. Therefore, the carrying capacity, overall stiffness and overall stability are strong, allowing 3-4 tons per pole.

Safety: this may be an obvious issue, but when it comes to your employees, safety should always come first. Protecting them from accidents and injuries is always a priority. Working at a height increases the risk of falling, especially in bad weather. Establishing a secure fixed platform will greatly reduce this risk and ensure that employees are supported and feel safe - even if you think the simple ladder will get the job done. In addition to protecting your employees, you need to protect the building where you are working. Building secure frame scaffolding means that employees can work on the building while supporting their weight on separate platforms. frame scaffolding also reduces the risk of damage to buildings caused by pedestrian traffic.


Rules for framing scaffolding

To ensure the safety of workers, the government has published a set of scaffolding rules that companies using framing scaffolding must follow:

scaffolding pylons and structures shall be constructed only by properly trained and competent scaffolding contractors

The contractor is responsible for obtaining relevant and correct permits for scaffolding to be erected on public highways or pavements

However, companies that use framework scaffolding are responsible for checking that they have the correct legal license, and that it has expired and will not expire until the end of the work

If framing scaffold is to be placed in a public place, the company shall arrange for all work to be carried out at a quieter time when the risk to passers-by will be reduced

Once established, all frame scaffolds should be thoroughly inspected before use. After this, it should be checked at least every 7 days and after any change in structural or extreme weather conditions


What should not be done on the scaffold?

Do not use scaffolding without guardrails.

Do not exceed the rated working load.

Do not jump boards or platforms.

Do not force support. Keep the bracket level until you can easily fit it properly.

Do not climb or stand on a cross or guardrail.

Do not work on frame scaffold during storms or winds.

Do not use ladders or temporary devices on top of the scaffolding to increase the height.

Do not overload the scaffolding frame or platform.

Do not load in a way that affects its stability.

Do not place materials or equipment on the guardrail.

Do not attempt to repair a curved or curved frame. Throw them away

No head protection, don't work under scaffolding.

Do not roll the scaffolding when the worker is on the platform.

Do not use scaffolding near the wires.


Even if the frame scaffolding is very safe construction tools, but we also need to know about its safety rules to ensure the safety of construction personnel. If you want to buy durable high quality, reasonable price framing scaffolding, Nanjing Tuopeng Construction Technology can provide you with the perfect product.

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