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What are the advantages of ringlock scaffolding?Ringlock scaffolding originated in the United States and quickly became a global leader and replaced other types of scaffolding, such as Cuplock and Kwikstage. What are the advantages of the ring lock scaffold to make it so popular?l What is the ring l



[Industry news] How to extend the service life of ringlock scaffolding?

Round ring lock scaffolding is often used in the construction industry and is one of the most widely used scaffolding. What are the special advantages of ringlock scaffolding? How to use round ring lock scaffolding can make the service life of the equipment longer?



[Industry news] How to maintain frame scaffolding?

How to maintain frame scaffolding?Frame scaffolding is a necessary part of building and house maintenance, so how do we set up the frame scaffold correctly to ensure the safety of the people using the equipment? How to maintain the frame scaffold can make it last longer? l How to erect frame scaffol



[Industry news] What are the safety property of Ringlock scaffolding?

Professionals believe that Ringlock scaffolding is the most modern and powerful system in terms of shelf life. However, safety is more important than efficiency. How about the safety of the circular scaffolding? What should we pay attention to when using ring lock scaffolding?



[Industry news] What is the system of the ringlock scaffolding?

Traditionally, scaffolding is a temporary structure used in the construction or maintenance of buildings to support personnel and materials. Scaffolding allows a builder or repairman to stand on a raised surface. This surface allows him/her access to the raised area of the building where work is required.



[Industry news] What is the safety equipment of frame scaffolding?

The frame scaffolding of door frame usually consists of a vertical pole set at two intervals and a crossbar connecting the upper part of the two poles. The problem is that there is no shielding between the two diagonal braces. There is a safety hazard. This article covers a type of frame scaffolding. The frame scaffolding has a safety device on the door rack. The frame scaffolding can prevent pedestrians from crossing between the two diagonal struts of the door rack, eliminating potential safety hazards. Since the safety device is detachable between the door frames, the construction personnel can decide whether to install the safety device and where to install the safety device according to the actual needs. The use cost will be lower.

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