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Four Ways System Scaffolding Beats Frame and Brace
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Four Ways System Scaffolding Beats Frame and Brace

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Four ways system scaffolding beats frame and brace

Why contractors choose system scaffolding over frame and brace? Here are four ways we can see the reasons.

Specialized components for improved safety

Specific components designed to improve safety are included in each system scaffolding style. This category includes specialized accessories such as integrated or locking toe boards, deck liftoff preventers, and secure guardrail standards (also known as "crazy legs"). The Ringlock system is one example. All of its components are combined by a single rosette. Workers have a tie-off point almost anywhere they need one with a rosette every 500 mm (19.5").

Greater access to congested areas

System scaffolding can be used for large projects and is extremely efficient in crowded, obstacle-filled areas. Frame and brace construction is common in fixed rectangular bays, but it presents challenges when positioning around obstacles and in confined spaces.

System scaffolding is ideal for accessing irregularly shaped or circular structures such as domes and power plant interiors. Ringlock scaffolding, for example, is a good choice for uneven surfaces..

System scaffolding is also the superior choice for hanging scaffolds from rooftops, pipe racks, bridges, and other elevated areas, providing a much more cost-effective alternative to building up from the ground in many cases.

Effective for rigging and shoring

System scaffolding is more adaptable for two activities on which access contractors consult: rigging and shoring.

Rigging is primarily used in construction sites to push, hoist, lift, or pull objects. System scaffolding is crucial in providing custom rigging solutions for swing stages and other suspended access. Ringlock and Cuplock, for example, are two popular system scaffolding types in suspended scaffold rigging. Ringlock can also be used for crane lifting by modifying base jack retention and coupling pins.

System scaffolding is popular for shoring because it can create a diverse range of shoring solutions capable of supporting heavy loads. Ringlock scaffolding is a popular choice for shoring. Cuplock is also widely used for shoring and formwork scaffolds. It is ideal for use beneath slabs of varying heights and structure systems.


Easier storage and transporting

While frame and brace stacking is simple on a truck or in the yard, you must account for the bulky frames when planning efficient storage or carry-in of equipment to indoor spaces. System scaffolding, on the other hand, is made up of linear tubes and smaller accessories, allowing for more flexible truck loading and easier material handling when scaffolds are erected far from the nearest delivery gate or drop-off point.

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