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Why is ring lock scaffolding so Popular?
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Why is ring lock scaffolding so Popular?

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Scaffolding plays an important role in the construction industry, Our company offers various types of scaffolding including Cuplock scaffolding, Frame scaffolding, etc. And ring lock scaffolding is gradually becoming one of the most popular scaffold. What is ring lock scaffolding and why is it so popular?

Ring lock scaffolding structure

What is the reason for using ring lock scaffolding?

What is the ring lock scaffolding installation program?


Ring lock scaffolding

Ring lock scaffolding structure

The ring lock scaffold is a modular, simple upright system stand. It is one of the most popular scaffolding systems, the same as cup-shaped scaffolding, kwikstage scaffolding, for building scaffolding towers, industrial scaffolding for oil and gas offshore, concrete formwork temporary poles.

The ring lock scaffolding assembly includes standard vertical parts, a rosette ring every 500 mm, a horizontal ring locker with caster end cast steel and wedge pins, Diagoanal brackets, steel platforms, stairs and more.

What is the reason for using ring lock scaffolding?

The ring-lock scaffolding provides greater flexibility to lock a different number of angles and precisely align 45 o / 90 o with a notch.

It offers up to 8 connections in different system sections, with a unique rosette arrangement that can be self-locking with a hammer using an adaptive wedge. The ring-lock scaffold provides the best frame-like stability in its class, supporting complete vertical rods, rods, horizontal diagonals and vertical diagonal structures in 3D space, providing a complete grid system.

Commonly used ring lock scaffolding materials are cold or hot dip galvanized and anti-corrosion technology to ensure the life and reliability of components.They are quick and easy to assemble from fewer components, making them easy to store and transport.

The ring-locking scaffold is powerful and flexible and can be used in a variety of industries, industries and environments, made of high-strength lightweight galvanized steel. The ring lock scaffold has the ability to be used under extreme environmental conditions at sea and at sea.

Ring lock scaffolding increases productivity. On industrial and architectural scales, ring-locking scaffold provides quick installation and great flexibility. The prefabricated nature of the ring-locking scaffold allows for quick installation and increased productivity compared to the installation of traditional pipe and fitting scaffold.

The storage and transportation of scaffolding raw materials can cause delays, especially at large construction sites, where circular scaffold components can help narrow down these problems. Faster installation time also saves labor costs. Although longevity means they enjoy a longer life, which increases reusability. This further helps to control the cost of purchasing new scaffold materials, especially in intensive operations.

What is the ring lock scaffolding installation program?

1. According to the site and layout size, put the adjustable base, and adjust the base nut to the same level;

2. Install a vertical rod erected on the adjustable base adjacent to the vertical rod;

3. This will correspond to the span length of the track hooks in the installed good release and the span length between the disk buttons.

4. Install adjacent studs and hook at the same time;

5. Continue to install the polarization. After polarizing one unit, hook the four bars. 6. Use the horizontal or horizontal, rotating adjustable base to lay a good foundation for horizontal adjustment;

Regardless of the type of scaffold, the installation and processing quality of the scaffolding material must meet the specified requirements. It is absolutely forbidden to use unqualified scaffold materials to prevent accidents.

Generally, scaffolding must be scaffold, safety technical operation rules, scaffold with a height of more than 15 meters, design, calculation and detail, installation plan, technical director approval at the higher level, written safety technical instructions before installation.

The risk of large ring lock scaffold and special cranes, rafts, hoists, sockets, and stacking trusses must also be designed and approved. Establish separate security technical measures.

After the construction team accepts the task, it is necessary to organize personnel, carefully grasp the scaffold, the clarification of the special safety construction organization design and safety technical measures, the safe installation method, and the good technology, and the experienced technicians are responsible for the technical guidance installation. And supervision.


Scaffolding is an important part of our construction, construction and related maintenance work. Therefore, choosing the right scaffold not only requires safer aerial work but also requires improved construction time. If you are looking for a safer, more efficient, reasonably priced high quality ring lock scaffold, Nanjing Tuopeng Construction Technology can provide you with the perfect product.

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