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J/U Head Scaffolding Shoring Frame Accessories
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J/U Head Scaffolding Shoring Frame Accessories

1. Compatible with shoring frame scaffold
2. 60 x 3.8 mm
3. Electro gal. or powder coated
  • TPSSFJH000

  • TP

  • 73084000

  • 60 x 3.8 mm

  • 2.68 kg

  • Electro Gal., powder coated

  • Q235 

Shoring J head for frame scaffolding:


  1. Shoring J head for frame scaffolding is designed to fit 36″ shoring screw jack and shoring frame

  2. A short tube welded to a bended plate.

  3. Tube diameter: 60 x 3.8 mm

  4. Unit wieght: 2.68 kg

  5. Customized sizes can be produced as requested.

  6. Surface finish: Electro galvanized, or powder coated

  7. Packing: Bags and pallet

  8. High quality

  9. Competitive price

  10. Fast delivery

  11. Other related shoring scaffold components, such as heavy duty shoring frame, screw jack, galvanized cross brace, base plate are supplied as well with cheap prices and nice quality.

J Head for Shoring Frame Scaffolding



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