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Exterior Base Plate Scaffolding Shoring Frame
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Exterior Base Plate Scaffolding Shoring Frame

1. Compatible with shoring frame scaffolding
2. Exterior type
3. Electro gal. or powder coated
  • TPSSFBP000
  • TP
  • 73084000
  • 54 x 2 mm
  • 1.36 kg
  • Electro Gal., powder coated
  • Q235 

Shoring base plate for frame scaffolding (exterior):


  1. Shoring base plate for frame scaffolding is designed to fix the shoring screw jack.

  2. Tube size: 54 x 2 mm

  3. Unit wieght: 1.36 kg

  4.  Different diameters of tubes:  interior base plate or exterior base plate

  5. Cusotmized sizes available

  6. Surface finish: electro galvanized, or powder coated

  7. Packing: bags and pallet

  8. High quality, competitive price and fast delivery

  9. Other shoring components, such as heavy duty scaffolding frame, galvanized cross brace, J head, levelling jack are available as well.

Base Plate for Shoring Frame Scaffolding (exterior)


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