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Scaffolding Snap on Frame Cross Brace
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Scaffolding Snap on Frame Cross Brace

1. Weight varies to different lengths
2. Sizes: 7'x 4', 10' x 4', etc.
3. Pre galvanized
4. Out diameter: 1"
  • TPSSOCB - 1

  • Tuopeng Scaffold

  • 73084000

  • 1"

  • Varies to different sizes

  • Pre Gal.

  • Q235 

Scaffolding Snap on Frame Cross Brace:
1. Scaffolding snap on cross brace, made of 1" pre galvanized tube, with thickness 1.65 mm/ 1.85 mm . Various lengths are available.

2. Snap on style. No cracking at two ends after punching.

3. Popular size: 7' x 4', 10' x 4'
4. With the feature of long lasting from being rusted
5. We are professional scaffolding supplier in China who has rich production experience in cross braces. We know how to prevent it from cracking of two sides when pressing.
6. It is cheaper than hot dip galvanized braces, which saves cost
7. Packing: put inside frames to save space, or on steel pallet


     Item NO.            Description    Unit Weight (KG)  Unit Weight (LBS)
TPSSOCB532 5'x32" Snap-on Cross Brace                4.45               9.8
TPSSOCB54 5'x 4" Snap-on Cross Brace                4.95              10.9
TPSSOCB724 7'x24" Snap-on Cross Brace               5.61              12.35
TPSSOCB732 7×32" Snap-on Cross Brace                5.65              12.45
TPSSOCB74 7'x48" Snap-on Cross Brace                6.02              13.25
TPSSOCB84 8'x48" Snap-on Cross Brace               6.61              14.55
TPSSOCB1024 10'x24" Snap-on Cross Brace               7.5              16.52
TPSSOCB1032 10'x32" Snap-on Cross Brace               7.51              16.55
TPSSOCB104 10'x48" Snap-on Cross Brace               7.79              17.16

snap on lock for cross brace 


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