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Features of ringlock scaffolding
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Features of ringlock scaffolding

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The ringlock scaffolding is a new type of in-line steel scaffold with self-locking function. This article will introduce the relevant knowledge of the ringlock scaffolding, and I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

Features of ringlock scaffolding.

The company owns ringlock scaffolding products.


Features of ringlock scaffolding.

1. The ringlock scaffolding has multi-functionality: according to specific construction requirements, single and double-row scaffolds, support frames, support columns and other construction equipment with different frame sizes, shapes and load-bearing capacity can be formed.

2. The ringlock scaffolding has high efficiency, simple structure, simple and fast disassembly and assembly, avoiding the loss of bolts and loose fasteners. The assembly and disassembly speed of joints is more than 5 times that of conventional blocks. It is fast and labor-saving. Workers can use a hammer. Complete all assignments.

3. The ringlock scaffolding has a large bearing capacity: the pole connection is a coaxial socket, the node is in the frame plane, the joint has the mechanical properties of bending, shear, and torsion, the structure is stable, and the bearing capacity is large.

4. The ringlock scaffolding is safe and reliable: the joint design takes into account the self-gravity function, so that the joint has a reliable two-way self-locking ability, and the load acting on the crossbar is transmitted to the vertical rod through the buckle, and the buckle has strong resistance. Shearing capacity (maximum is 199KN).

5. Standardized packaging of ringlock scaffolding, less maintenance, fast loading and unloading, convenient transportation and easy storage.

6. The service life of the ringlock scaffolding is much higher than that of the fastener scaffold. Generally, it can be used for more than 10 years, because the bolt connection is abandoned. The components are resistant to knocks. Even if the corrosion does not affect the use of disassembly.

7. The ringlock scaffolding has the function of early dismantling: the crossbar can be dismantled in advance for turnover, saving materials, saving wood and labor. It is truly energy-saving, environmentally friendly, economical and practical.

8. Practice has shown that, as a single-span, multi-span continuous beam, frame structure housing formwork support system with a beam span of 15m or less and a headroom height of 12m or less, the ring-ringlock scaffolding has better stability and safety than the bowl-ringlock scaffolding. Better than portal scaffolding.

The company owns ringlock scaffolding products.

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