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Maintenance of scaffolding coupler
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Maintenance of scaffolding coupler

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Scaffolding couplers, including connecting steel pipes, flat steels, hardwood wedges and cross buckles, etc. This article will introduce the relevant knowledge of the scaffolding coupler, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

scaffolding coupler

Maintenance of scaffolding coupler.

The scaffolding coupler products owned by the company.

Maintenance of scaffolding coupler.

Most modern building constructions require high-altitude operations, and the appearance of scaffolding couplers is to meet the need for engineering aids erected to solve the inability to operate high-rise buildings. Scaffolding is required for construction of brick walls, concrete pouring, plastering of walls, decoration and painting, and installation of structural components so that the construction personnel can stand on it and perform construction operations. But long-term use will cause damage to the scaffolding coupler, so how do we maintain the scaffolding coupler? The correct use of the scaffolding coupler is beneficial to prolong the life of the fastener.

Scaffolding coupler, it is an indispensable accessory when erecting scaffolding. It acts as a fastening between the scaffolding rod and the rod. The scaffolding coupler should be regularly maintained in normal use, and check whether the fasteners are damaged. If it is slightly damaged, it can be repaired manually to extend its service life. If it cannot be repaired, it must be collected together and cannot be used again.

Precautions for the maintenance of the scaffolding coupler: The fasteners, nuts, pads, bolts and other small accessories used by the scaffold are easy to lose. The extra parts should be recycled and placed in time when they are being erected, and they should be checked and accepted in time when they are dismantled. Establish a sound system for the issuance, recovery, introspection, and maintenance of scaffolding tools and materials, and implement quota acquisition or leasing methods in accordance with the criteria of who uses, who maintains, and who manages to reduce loss and loss. scaffolding couplers that have been used should be returned to the expenditure database in a timely manner and placed in classification. When scaffolding couplers are stacked in the open air, the site should be level with good drainage, with supporting pads underneath, and whitewashed with thatch cloth. Accessories and parts should be stored indoors.

The scaffolding coupler products owned by the company.

The products provided by Nanjing Tuopeng Scaffold are high-quality and affordable scaffolding materials. Customization requirements can be met here. Our products are exported to Canada, the United States, Trinidad and Tobago, New Zealand, Thailand, Malaysia, Colombia, the Middle East, Poland and other European countries. We can provide frame scaffolds, scaffolding couplers, ring lock scaffolds, scaffold tubes, cup lock scaffolds and other products. Among them, the scaffolding coupler includes: scaffold drop forged joints and scaffold pressed joints.

If you are satisfied with our company's scaffolding coupler, you can directly order or consult the scaffolding coupler related issues. We will provide you with the best scaffolding coupler products and services. Looking forward to your visit, I wish you success in your work.

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