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Deformation accident of system scaffolding
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Deformation accident of system scaffolding

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System scaffolding is a new type of in-line steel scaffolding with self-locking function. This article will introduce the relevant knowledge of system scaffolding, and I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

System scaffolding

Deformation accident of system scaffolding.

The company has system scaffolding products.

Deformation accident of system scaffolding.

System scaffolding refers to the construction site used for exterior walls, interior decoration or places with high floors that cannot be directly constructed. System scaffolding is mainly used for construction personnel to work up and down or to protect the outer safety net and high-altitude installation components. To put it bluntly, it is to set up shelves. The system scaffolding materials usually include bamboo, wood, steel pipe or synthetic materials.

(1) Local deformation of the system scaffold caused by the settlement of the foundation. On the transverse section of the double-breasted frame, set up a stilt or scissor brace, and set up a set of vertical rods every other row until the deformation zone is outside. The horoscope and scissors support the feet on a solid and reliable foundation.

(2) The deflection and deformation of the cantilever steel beam of the system scaffolding exceeds the specified value. The anchor point behind the cantilever steel beam should be reinforced, and the steel support on the steel beam and the U-shaped brace should be screwed to withstand the roof. There is a gap between the embedded steel ring and the steel beam, which must be tightened with a horse wedge. The steel wire rope at the outer end of the hanging steel beam is checked, tightened, and the force is evenly applied.

(3) The unloading of the system scaffold and the partial damage of the tension connection system should be restored immediately according to the original plan of the unloading connection method, and the deformed parts and rods should be corrected. If correcting the deformation of the system scaffolding outwards, first set a 5t inverted chain for each bay, tighten with the structure, loosen the rigid pull contact, and tighten the inverted chain inward at all points at the same time, until the deformation is corrected and the rigidity is made Pull and tighten the wire rope at each unloading point to make it evenly stressed, and finally release the chain.

The company has system scaffolding products.

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