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How to extend the service life of ringlock scaffolding?
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How to extend the service life of ringlock scaffolding?

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Round ring lock scaffolding is often used in the construction industry and is one of the most widely used scaffolding. What are the special advantages of ringlock scaffolding? How to use round ring lock scaffolding can make the service life of the equipment longer?


  • What is round ring lock scaffolding?

  • What are the advantages of the ring lock scaffolding system?

  • How to extend the service life of the ring lock scaffold?


What is round ring lock scaffolding?

Scaffolding is mainly composed of main frame, horizontal box, cross brace, scaffolding, adjustable base, etc. The first scaffold developed in the United States has the characteristics of simple disassembly and assembly, good bearing performance, and safe and reliable use. Round ring lock scaffolding was first developed in the United States. It has the characteristics of simple disassembly and assembly, good carrying capacity, safe and reliable use, etc., and its development is very rapid. The ring-shaped scaffolding has developed and grown, and the problem has gradually changed, because the scaffolding is usually inevitably scattered during the construction process. Sometimes in rainy days, we must pay attention to preventing rust. Therefore, we usually apply a layer of paint on the frame scaffolding to prevent Frame scaffolding is rust-proof. This is one of the ways to repair the scaffold. The frame does not use scaffolding. It should be checked regularly to see if it is in good condition. You can find it at any time and replace parts.


What are the advantages of the ring lock scaffolding system?

1.Ringlock scaffolding has an equidistant distance of 500mm, with inclined support rods and horizontal rods, which can be installed according to different compositions and different sections. Bridge brackets with larger spans, stage brackets, lighting towers, bridges, and pier safety ladders, The traditional bridge bracket mould system is cumbersome and only suitable for specific dimensions. It has obvious limitations. It can be installed with different shapes of formwork brackets composed of ring-lock scaffolds with different functions to meet the needs of various styles.

2. The ring-locking scaffolding board is equipped with self-locking plates and connecting bolts. After the bolts are tightened by their own weight, the horizontal and vertical tilt supports make each unit fixed into a triangular lattice structure. The support frame will not undergo horizontal and vertical deformation after passing. And disc scaffolding is a complete system. Steel springboards and ladders can play the role of supporting the frame to ensure stability and worker safety. Compared with other laying scaffolds, the safety of the hook pedal frame of disc scaffolding Raise a height.

3. Ringlock scaffolding is anti-corrosion treatment, which completely eliminates the anti-corrosion treatment of paint and paint. It does not rust and corrosion treatment of paint chips. In addition to lowering the per capita maintenance cost than the appearance, the atmospheric and beautiful silver can enhance the image. The anti-corrosion treatment of galvanized steel sheet can extend its life to 15-20 years


How to extend the service life of the ring lock scaffold?

1.Improper storage often leads to the loss of certain parts, thereby increasing production costs.

2. During the construction process, construction should be carried out in strict accordance with the plan to avoid unnecessary losses. Some parts of environmental scaffolding are easy to damage, so experienced professionals are required to carry out construction, which can effectively reduce losses and ensure safe operation.

3. When placing the turnbuckle bracket, take waterproof and moisture-proof measures to prevent rust. This facilitates standardized management and is not easy to cause confusion or loss of attachments.

4. It is necessary to apply anti-rust paint on the turnbuckle bracket regularly, usually every two years. For areas with high humidity, it is necessary once a year to ensure that the shelf does not rust. In order to extend the service life, attention must be paid to the use and storage of the turnbuckle bracket. Good maintenance is very important.


Ringlock scaffolding has the characteristics of large bearing capacity, fast construction speed, strong stability and easy on-site management, so it is widely used in the construction industry. If you are looking for high-quality ringlock scaffolding equipment at a reasonable price, Nanjing Tuopeng Construction Technology Co. Ltd will provide you with the best products.

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