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Introduction of scaffolding frame
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Introduction of scaffolding frame

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Scaffolding frame ensures the smooth progress of the construction process. This article will introduce the relevant knowledge of scaffolding frame, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

Scaffolding frame

Introduction to scaffolding frame.

Introduction to the use requirements of scaffolding frame

Introduction to scaffolding frame.

Scaffolding frame ensures the smooth progress of the construction process. According to the erection position, separate scaffolds and inner scaffolds; divide wooden scaffolds, bamboo scaffolds, and steel scaffolds according to materials; separate pole scaffolds, bridge scaffolds, portal scaffolds, suspended scaffolds, hanging scaffolds, and cantilever scaffolds according to structural forms , Climbing scaffolding frame.

Scaffolding frame is used as a support built by workers to solve vertical and horizontal transportation problems on site. In the construction industry, it refers to the place on the construction site where the exterior wall, interior decoration or floor height cannot be directly constructed, for the construction personnel to work up and down or to protect the outer safety net and high-altitude installation of components, which is to build a shelf. scaffolding frame is also widely used in some projects such as advertising industry, municipal administration, traffic roads and bridges, and mines.

Introduction to the use requirements of scaffolding frame

First of all, before the scaffold is used, the person in charge of the construction site should organize the inspection and acceptance. During the construction process, there should be professional management, inspection and maintenance, and regular settlement observation should be carried out. Reinforcement measures should be taken in time if abnormalities are found.

Secondly, when removing the scaffold, check the connection with the building first, and remove the remaining materials and sundries on the scaffold. The materials should be passed down uniformly or lifted to the ground, and they should be cleared one step at a time. The stepping method is not allowed, and it is strictly forbidden to throw downwards or use push (pull) methods to dismantle. When setting up and dismantling scaffolding, a guard zone should be set up and special personnel should be sent to guard. When the foundation is uneven, please use adjustable base feet to achieve balance, and the foundation must be able to withstand the scaffolding and pressure during work.

Finally, it should be noted that the staff must wear safety belts during construction and high-altitude work. Please install safety nets around the work area to prevent heavy objects from falling and hurting others. Pay attention to safety during use, and it is strictly forbidden to play around on the shelf to prevent accidents. Although work is important, safety and life are even more important. Please keep the above contents in mind.

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