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What are the advantages of ringlock scaffolding?
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What are the advantages of ringlock scaffolding?

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Ringlock scaffolding originated in the United States and quickly became a global leader and replaced other types of scaffolding, such as Cuplock and Kwikstage. What are the advantages of the ring lock scaffold to make it so popular?

  • What is the ring lock scaffold?

  • What are the characteristics of the ring lock scaffold?

  • What are the advantages of the ring lock scaffolding system?

  • Build your own scaffolding tower

  • Conclusion

What is the ring lock scaffold?

The circular scaffolding brackets are highly regarded in the construction industry; they can perform a variety of well-designed landscaping work, installation services and layouts, otherwise it is impossible to use traditional scaffolding. Ringlock scaffolding has quickly become a popular choice when looking for flexible and adaptable scaffolding systems. Like other types of system scaffolding (such as Cuplock and Kwikstage), Ringlock consists of prefabricated components, each designed specifically for its intended purpose.

Ringlock System Scaffolding

Scaffolding contractors and construction companies often choose system scaffolding, mainly because of the fast installation speed and ease of adaptation to all types.


What are the characteristics of the ring lock scaffold?

The ring lock looks like a flat round piece of metal. It has nine openings, one in the middle and eight in the perimeter, giving it the appearance of a flower with petals (hence the name). Due to the many openings, the ring lock can accommodate many connections. These also make it possible to place the rod in a curved structure, either at a 45 or 90 angle.

Because they are capable of joining multiple components together, the ring bracket can create a variety of custom fittings. At Groupe IEQ, we often use them for special events (open-air stands), industrial sectors (closed spaces), or when certain obstacles (such as bridges, towers and buildings on irregular slopes) prevent us from installing other types of When scaffolding. In other words, ring-locking scaffolding is the ideal solution for more complex projects.


What are the advantages of the ring lock scaffolding system?

1.The structure of the annular scaffold is reasonable, the axial force and the force bar make the scaffold in the three-dimensional space. The overall structural strength is high, the overall stability is good, and the self-locking performance is reliable, which can better meet the safety of scaffolding for construction.

2. Reduce costs, can be retrofitted using existing fastener-type steel pipe scaffolding equipment, greatly reducing the cost of renewal.

3. The annular scaffolding assembly is uniform in size, and the scaffolding erection is standardized and standardized, which is suitable for on-site civilized construction. As the Ringlock and bar are integrated, bulk, loss of cost and easy on-site management are avoided.

4. Efficacy and reduced labor intensity, operation level, connection speed is 2-3 times faster than traditional scaffolding installation, workers only need a small hammer to complete all the homework, which can reduce the labor intensity by 0.5 times.

5. Maintenance is simple, because the Ringlock scaffold completely avoids the bolt work, no intention to miss the parts, the parts are easy to carry, strong, approved by touch collision, general corrosion does not affect the operation, installation and maintenance is simple, easy to transport.

6. Ring scaffolding The group has flexible conditions and wide application range. According to the construction requirements, it can form various group sizes of 0.6 meters and single row, double row scaffolding, brackets, material lifting and other load modules. Multi-functional scaffolding construction equipment can be used for curve decoration, and can also be used for any difference on the ground. According to different load requirements, the bracket spacing can be flexibly adjusted.

7. Surface image aesthetics. The product adopts hot dip galvanizing process, the frame appearance is silver gray metallic color, and the color is beautiful and uniform.

8. The product life span is 30 to 50 years. The hot dip galvanizing process can greatly improve the product life, reduce the cost amortization, and eliminate the safety hazard caused by the inconsistent bearing capacity caused by rust.


Build your own scaffolding tower

Some people will want their own custom scaffolding tower. They can decide which material to use and the size they need. They can also choose whether to move or fix.

In addition, there is a lot of information about building your own scaffolding tower on the Internet. Moreover, there are many websites that sell scaffold spare parts. A person can buy in bulk or in one piece according to their own preferences. They can also order the preferred materials and sizes for the parts. The basic parts to consider when building your own scaffold tower are some of the basic components you need to know when building a scaffold tower. Base - To ensure stability, support scaffold is provided on a substrate, mud or other sufficiently strong foundation. The supporting scaffold rods, frames and columns must be vertical and supported to prevent any displacement caused by the sway.

Scaffolding cross-support should not be used as a means of access. Specific access must be used, such as a ladder diagram installed. The support uses diagonal, horizontal or cross supports to join the panel and frame along or as a combination to laterally secure the vertical members. Because the frames are stacked, the cross must keep the scaffolding vertical, horizontal and square. All support connections must be secured to prevent displacement. Scaffold Fence System - Standard rails are required for all scaffolding towers. They should be installed along all open sides and ends of the platform, unless the platform is the main working area for scaffolding. Since this is the main workplace, it should be strong enough to withstand its load. Fixing - Frames and panels must be joined vertically by using stacking pins or couplings or equivalents. The frame and panel should also be locked together to prevent bulging. These are just a few of the basic physical structures of the scaffold tower. However, when building these devices, the safety of using these devices should always be a high priority. Since it is an elevated platform, the stability decreases as the height increases. In addition, the scaffold and its components must support their own weight without failure and at least four times their maximum expected load. Stability and durability are key components for the safety of scaffold towers. However, when building these devices, the safety of using these devices should always be a high priority. Since it is an elevated platform, the stability decreases as the height increases. In addition, the scaffolding and its components must support their own weight without failure and at least four times their maximum expected load.



The ring lock scaffold is not only more flexible, but also has more bearing capacity and longer service life. It plays an important role in the construction industry and facilitates people's lives, but only if it is determined to be in compliance with standards. If you are looking for a safer, more efficient, reasonably priced high quality ring lock scaffold, Nanjing Tuopeng Construction Technology can provide you with the perfect product.

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