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What are the safety property of Ringlock scaffolding?
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What are the safety property of Ringlock scaffolding?

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Professionals believe that Ringlock scaffolding is the most modern and powerful system in terms of shelf life. However, safety is more important than efficiency. How about the safety of the circular scaffolding? What should we pay attention to when using ring lock scaffolding?

  • What are the characteristics of ring-locked scaffolding?

  • In what areas can ring-locked scaffolding be used?

  • Why is Ring lock scaffolding so popular?

  • Conclusion

What are the characteristics of ringlock scaffolding?

Ringlock is a modular scaffolding system that greatly reduces labor costs while meeting requirements for safety, ease of operation, and reduced maintenance.

Ringlock scaffolding has the following characteristics:

Quick install: Ringlock scaffolding is pre-measured and requires only a hammer to install.

Versatility: revolutionary nodal - rosettes provide up to 8 connections in a single plane, allowing the system to support straight and curved structures such as shipyards, power stations, petrochemical plants.

Low maintenance: dip galvanizing treatment will greatly extend the life of the product, no painting, no rust or corrosion, and can even be stored externally.

Safety: reliable wedge connections prevent lateral bracing and diagonal bracing from loosening of any kind. The rigidity of all connections, right fit and concentric load derivation ensure safety even at very high heights. Reasonable customer requirements are acceptable.

 Ringlock scaffolding

In what areas can ringlock scaffolding be used?

Safety scaffolding is used for various facade works. The safety equipment of scaffolding is the first choice for construction, maintenance, repair and destruction, to ensure that your work is completed on time, saving your own time, the system can create a high level of safety. Security with all of these features is used for the following purposes:

All kinds of buildings

Cleaning and painting

Restoration and formation of historical and artistic structures

Construction of roads, Bridges and viaducts

The elevator is very good

Ship construction

Stadium, stage and stage tent construction


Why is ringlock scaffolding so popular?

Simple and fast: fast setting, easy, flexible, can meet various operational requirements;

Stable: ring scaffold is wedge lock scaffold, very safe; Diagonal bracing, standard and ledger become triangular, which is the most stable structure.

Flexible, safe and reliable: according to the actual needs, the manufacture of various specifications, multi-row mobile scaffolding, various accessories, improve safety, in the work to provide safety, safety support;

Ease of storage and transportation: remove small storage areas and facilitate easy movement of components through various narrow channels.

Indoor floor support, outdoor wall decoration, indoor and outdoor technology, machine repair work platform, stage platform, etc


How to use Ringlock scaffolding safely?

Scaffolding refers to the construction site for workers to operate and solve the vertical and horizontal transport and installation of various supports, can have a variety of different types and materials, the main purpose is to all kinds of construction site construction personnel need size, is also the main building decoration construction tools, the main can be divided into straight lock type, lock ring type, etc..

Different materials and different structures of mobile scaffolding have different prices, so how to choose better is crucial. To improve overall quality, we need to seek better safety.

Ringlock scaffold practical is very wide, in the use of the process, product quality is qualified, through, installation and use will not be dangerous, but in recent years often occur safety accidents, we look at the safe use of Ring lock scaffold method.

Proper training. The operator shall be properly trained in the design and operation of scaffolds. Training should cover safety practices, full fall protection training, installation and removal procedures, and other life-saving procedures.

Respect load capacity. Make sure the scaffold is strong enough to withstand the load of its design to avoid collapse. Don't huddle on scaffolding; Don't overload equipment and materials.

Use guardrails. If operating on platforms larger than 10 feet, guardrails must be provided on three sides of the scaffold away from the building. Guardrails must include top rails, middle rails and pedals.

Inspection and maintenance. Scaffolds must be inspected regularly by supervisors and professionals - the engineer or a person designated by the engineer. If any part of the scaffold is damaged, it must be replaced immediately. Inspect frames, supports, and other parts for signs of bending, damage, rust, and wear. The motor, platform and wire rope must also be checked for chemical corrosion.

Use the appropriate PPE. Personal protective equipment must be used at all times, especially above ground level. This should include head protection, anti-slip shoes and fall protection, such as a safety belt fixed in a sturdy structure.



The ring lock scaffold is easy to install, flexible and cheap, can increase productivity and provide high-quality products. Knowledge can ensure the safety of workers working in forests with ring locks. If you are looking for safer, more efficient and cheaper high quality ring lock scaffolding, then Nanjing Tuopeng Construction Technology is the perfect product.

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