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What is scaffolding coupler used for?
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What is scaffolding coupler used for?

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Scaffolding this is a temporary structure used to support work teams and materials to assist in the construction, repair and maintenance of buildings, high-rise residential and commercial structures. What parts are scaffolding made of? Which of the scaffolding coupler and play what role?

What are the components of the scaffolding?

Type and function of scaffolding coupler

What is the purpose of scaffolding?


scaffolding coupler

What are the components of the scaffolding?

1. Standard. These standards are also called pillars; They are vertical tubes that transfer the entire weight of the structure to the ground, where they lean against the square floor to distribute the weight.

2. Ledger. The ledger is a flat tube that can be added between standards.

3. The beam. The beam leans at right angles on the crossbar. The main beam is located next to the standard; They support existing standards and support boards. To provide additional support for the plate, the middle beam is placed between the main beam.

Other basic components of scaffolding include:

Scaffold tube. Scaffold pipes are usually made of aluminum or steel, but due to the high cost of composite pipes, composite scaffolds use fibre-wrapped fiberglass tubes in polyester or nylon substrates, which are usually used only when there is a risk from overhead. The cable cannot be cut.

Scaffold coupler. A coupler is an accessory that holds tubes together. The most familiar is scaffold coupler, there are three basic types, namely Putlog coupler, right Angle coupler and rotary coupler.

Adjustable bottom plate. You can choose different height adjustable baseboards with strong self-cleaning circular threads that can be adjusted to the ground. It comes with color and notch markings to prevent excessive wrapping.

Diagonal brackets. Diagonal bracing with wedge locks further supports the basic structure including vertical standards and ledger. In addition, their high connection standards contribute to special structures.

Toe board. Place toe plates between vertical standards. Toe plates can be made of aluminum, steel or wood. Steel toe plates reduce fire risk and last longer. Due to its design, there are no openings or gaps between the deck and toe plates.

The deck. Decks are also called planks and they have aluminum, aluminum frames, plywood and hot dip galvanized steel. Decks are structural components, so no ledger is required at deck level, which not only saves costs, but also reduces weight.


Type and function of scaffold coupler

Scaffold couplers are essentially basic components used to assemble tubes and couplers scaffold.

Customers can easily get couplers and accessories of different sizes and sizes, and choose according to their needs. Their categories include rotary coupler suppression, rotary coupler drop hammer forging, right-angle or fixed coupler suppression, right-angle or fixed coupler drop hammer forging, beam coupler, Putlog or single coupler, casing coupler, plate fixed coupler, roof coupler, fence coupler and ladder clamp.

Scaffold press steel sleeve joint it is designed accurately, because of its durability, reliability and the best effect is highly recommended. The coupler has different specifications and can be customized. Features are easy to maintain, very durable, and reasonably priced.

Toe plate coupler. The coupler is used to secure the circuit board in the correct position and is highly appreciated for its fine surface, durability, optimal performance and high quality. The features are very durable, cost-effective, and perfectly shaped.

Double coupler. The coupling is praised for its better grip, durability, reliability and long service life. It is easy to operate when connected to the pipe with right-angle joints and is supplied at the best rate in the industry. Features: Oriental maintenance, wear - resistant, fine finish.

Press steel clamp. It is known to be resistant to wear, corrosion and longer running time. These clips are available in different specifications to meet customer requirements. Features: wear-resistant and very durable, affordable.

What is the purpose of scaffolding?

Have you noticed the structure around the building being built? These temporary structures are called scaffolding. They are used to support personnel and to maintain materials used in the construction or repair of buildings or other structures. They help workers' safety and allow access to hard-to-reach areas. They are built by using metal pipes and metal platforms or bamboo and wooden boards from different countries.

Scaffolding has been around since ancient times, as historians have found evidence that egyptians used it to build the pyramids. In today's construction industry, different governments have regulations requiring construction companies to insist on building scaffolding. The main purpose of scaffolding is to provide a safe workplace and secure access to the required materials. Many construction companies strictly follow these rules to avoid any accidents or accidents.

The tubes used to build the brackets are aluminum or steel, although some brackets use tubes made of a mixture of materials. Aluminum tubes are usually light in weight compared with other materials. They are also more flexible, which means they are less resistant to force. This can be a disadvantage if not used in the right way. Construction companies often buy these long tubes and cut them into smaller sizes as needed.

The three basic elements of scaffolding are standard, ledger and beam. The tubes used to build scaffolds are also called standards or uprights. They go through the structure and make sure it's upright. They also transfer the entire weight of the structure to the square floor to distribute the load. The ledger is a horizontal tube connected to a vertical tube to firmly secure the structure. The beams are placed at right angles to the crossbars to give the structure more strength. All these different parts make sure that the structure is strong enough to maintain weight and ensure safety.


Scaffold coupler is highly appreciated for its perfect workability, durability and long service life. They require less maintenance and can be used at a reasonable price. If you need a durable, fine and affordable scaffold coupler, Nanjing Tuopeng Construction Technology can provide you with the perfect product.

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