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Classification of scaffolding clamps
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Classification of scaffolding clamps

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Scaffolding clamps are a kind of mechanical parts that are used for fastening connections and are extremely widely used. This article will introduce the relevant knowledge of scaffolding clamps, hope it will be helpful to everyone.

Scaffolding clamps

Classification of scaffolding clamps.

scaffolding clamp products owned by the company.

Classification of scaffolding clamps.

The accumulated sand sticking area of the scaffolding clamps shall not be greater than 100 square millimeters. The surface of the scaffolding clamp is not allowed to have oxide scale. The remaining technical requirements are in line with the provisions of GB15831-2006.

There are many types of scaffolding clamps, mainly including new scaffolding clamps, steel pipe scaffolding clamps, cast steel scaffolding clamps, T-shaped scaffolding clamps, steel stamping scaffolding clamps, docking scaffolding clamps, rotating scaffolding clamps, and right-angle scaffolding clamps.

Scaffolding clamps are connecting pieces between steel pipes and steel pipes. There are three forms: right-angle building scaffolding clamps (also known as cross fasteners), rotating building scaffolding clamps, and docking building scaffolding clamps.

Rotating scaffolding clamp: used to connect two steel pipes intersecting at any angle.

Butt-joining scaffolding clamp: used for the butt-joint connection of two steel pipes.

Right-angle scaffolding clamp: used for the connection of two perpendicularly intersecting steel pipes. It relies on the friction between the scaffolding clamp and the steel pipe to transfer the load.

Steel scaffolding clamps are generally divided into cast steel scaffolding clamps, steel plate stamping, hydraulic scaffolding clamps. The production process of cast steel scaffolding clamps is roughly the same as that of cast iron, while steel plate stamping and hydraulic scaffolding clamps use 3.5-5mm steel plate through stamping and hydraulic pressure. Compressed by technology. Steel scaffolding clamps are superior in various properties, such as breaking resistance, sliding resistance, deformation resistance, anti-falling resistance, rust resistance and so on. At present, the country’s largest manufacturers of cast iron scaffolding clamps are concentrated in Cangzhou, Hebei, with a market share of about 80%; the market share of steel scaffolding clamps is about 5-10%, and the main manufacturers are located in Hebei, Chongqing, Xinjiang, etc. land.

Scaffolding clamp products owned by the company.

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