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What is a frame scaffold?
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What is a frame scaffold?

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Frame scaffolding plays an important role in the construction industry, bringing great convenience to people's lives. But most people don't understand it. What is more clear, how should we use frame scaffolding safely?

  • What is the use of frame scaffolding?

  • What are the advantages of frame scaffolding?

  • How to safely use frame scaffolding

  • Conclusion

What is the use of frame scaffolding?

Frame scaffolding or A-frame scaffolding is versatile and easy to erect, allowing several layers to be built. Frame scaffolding or brick scaffolding is a common industry term referring to popular frames and scaffolding.

This is the most common type of scaffolding used by all types of contractors, from carpenters and bricklayers to homeowners of weekend projects. It's easy to set up and remove, allowing you to reach the height you need quickly. It is the preferred support for all types of construction work.

The tubular metal falsework system is probably one of the most commonly used bracket systems in the construction industry. The bracket consists of a welded steel or aluminum frame that is attached to the frame by cross braces to support the bracket plate or other bracket platform system.

The frame is manufactured in a variety of sizes and configurations, the most common being the standard 5 ft x 5 ft frame and walk-in arch or arched frame.

Arched frame scaffolding is very common in the field of masonry because it allows for easy movement between frames for material distribution. Brackets or side brackets can be mounted on the sides of the brackets and have different heights to provide a convenient platform for personnel on the working face of the building.


What are the advantages of frame scaffolding?

The frame scaffolding is light weight - ultra-fast erect - can be installed by one person - it is prefabricated! - All of this saves you time and money.

Builders like to use scaffolding because there is no standard between bricklayers and walls. Make full use of the wall. Frame scaffolding is not for use only by builders; many industries also benefit from the great features of scaffolding.

Framed scaffolding is the most common type of scaffolding because they are versatile, economical and easy to use. They are often used by residential contractors, painters, etc. for one or two floors, but their modular frames can also be stacked several times for large construction work.


How to safely use Scaffolding

A stable structure cannot be built on the basis of not starting a square and level. OSHA's standards are specifically tailored to the steps that must be taken to ensure a stable base.

In order to control the risk of falsework falling or collapsing, employers must ensure that scaffolding is built within the OSHA standard and is related to strength and structural integrity.

Workers are the most vulnerable to falling down when climbing or leaving the frame scaffolding. Therefore, employers must provide safe scaffolding access. Due to the incomplete state of the scaffolding, the installer and disassembler face additional access problems. The requirements to prevent falls only for these workers are described separately below.

The danger of the number one Scaffolding is that workers fall. Fall protection consists of a personal fall arrest system or guardrail system and must be provided on any scaffolding 10 feet or more below the lower level. The specific requirements are as follows. Note: Unless otherwise stated, these requirements also apply to manual propulsion pump sockets, ladder jacks, tubes and couplers, rod brackets, and special brackets as described in the Support Bracket Module.

In addition to being used only as a walkway, the platform is the working area of the Scaffolding. Therefore, inspection of the scaffolding platform requires a security check of the platform structure and how the staff uses the platform.

Two sets of ties that connect to the walls of the building help keep the stand upright.

Once the falsework is built, even if it meets all other criteria related to foundation, structure, capacity, etc., if it does not remain upright, it will still not provide a safe working platform. As a general rule, once the height of the scaffold is four times its minimum base size, even if it is plumb and square, the scaffolding becomes inherently unstable. Damage to extreme weather or structural components can also affect the stability of the scaffolding.

Because they may be built close to overhead power lines, and because they are usually made of metal, frame scaffolding may put workers at risk of electric shock. This risk can be eliminated through proper cleaning and maintenance.

Staff training and qualified personnel

Critical to the safety of Scaffolding is the use of qualified personnel to design, install/remove and maintain scaffolding, and trained workers to use them. Therefore, the evaluator's ability should be part of all stages of scaffolding inspection.



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