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Acceptance requirements for system scaffolding
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Acceptance requirements for system scaffolding

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System scaffolding is a new type of in-line steel scaffolding with self-locking function. This article will introduce the relevant knowledge of system scaffolding, and I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

Acceptance requirements for system scaffolding.

The company has system scaffolding products.

system scaffolding

Acceptance requirements for system scaffolding.

System scaffolding is a working platform erected to ensure the smooth progress of each construction process. Separate out scaffolding and inner scaffolding according to the erection position; divide wooden scaffolding, bamboo scaffolding, steel pipe scaffolding according to materials; separate pole scaffolding, bridge scaffolding, portal scaffolding, suspended scaffolding, hanging scaffolding, and picking type according to the structure form Scaffolding, climbing scaffolding.

After the scaffolding of the system is set up and assembled, it should be inspected and checked and confirmed to be qualified before operation can be carried out. The foreman in charge, the shelf team leader and the full-time safety technicians in the water section shall organize the acceptance and fill in the acceptance form together.

The acceptance requirements for system scaffolding are as follows:

1. The basic treatment, practice and embedding depth of the system scaffold must be correct and reliable.

2. The arrangement of the system scaffolding, the spacing of the vertical poles, and the large and small cross-bars should meet the requirements.

3. The erection and assembly of the system scaffold, including the selection of tool racks and lifting points, should meet the requirements.

4. The wall point of the system scaffold or the fixed part of the structure should be safe and reliable; the scissor brace and diagonal brace should meet the requirements.

5. The safety protection and safety devices of the system scaffolding must be effective; the tightening degree of the fasteners and lashings must meet the requirements.

6. The installation of hoisting tools, wire ropes, and booms of the system scaffolding should be safe and reliable, and the laying of scaffolding boards should comply with regulations.

With the emergence of a large number of modern large-scale construction systems in China, fastener-type steel pipe scaffolding can no longer meet the needs of construction development, and it is urgent to develop and promote the application of new scaffolding. Practice has proved that the use of system scaffolding is not only safe and reliable in construction, and fast in assembly and disassembly, but also the steel consumption of the system can be reduced by 33%.

The company has system scaffolding products.

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