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How to maintain frame scaffolding?
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How to maintain frame scaffolding?

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Frame scaffolding is a necessary part of building and house maintenance, so how do we set up the frame scaffold correctly to ensure the safety of the people using the equipment? How to maintain the frame scaffold can make it last longer?

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  • How to erect frame scaffolding?

  • Frame scaffolding repair checklist

  • How to properly maintain frame scaffolding?


How to erect frame scaffolding?

1.Choose a safe foundation to build and set up your frame scaffolding. Obtain mudstone or floor to fix the scaffolding ladder frame to make the foundation more stable. One of the main concerns here is to make the scaffolding level and on a firm ground. If you are on uneven ground, you need to dig to make the dirt level in any high corners. In addition, use the adjustment screws on the scaffold to level the structure. If the surface is on a steep slope, get a leg stretch.

2. Choose casters. If you plan to move the scaffold to work in various positions, include casters in the scaffold setup. Remember to lock the casters when they are fixed in place.

3. Lay out the ends of the frame scaffolding. Lift one end and attach the cross bracket. When you lift the second end piece and connect its upper cross brace, the far end of the brace should support the end part. Fix the end of the cross brace to the bottom of the opposite end frame.

4. Ensure that the scaffold is stable. Move the scaffolding ladder frame to the desired position and make sure it is level and firm.

5. Lift the plank through the scaffold and put it in place. Hardware should be included to hold the board in place.

6. If using a ladder to access the stand, use a ladder designed for that particular stand. A stair-like ladder can be used to access the scaffold, but it must have handrails and treads. One problem with access points is to ensure safe operation and prevent the scaffold from tipping over.

7. Due to the height of the equipment and the risk of falling, it is strongly recommended to use guardrails on all scaffolding. You can also consider the use of plugs and other fall protection devices.

8. Thoroughly check the frame scaffolding settings to ensure that all parts are secure. Every time you leave the site and return to the site, recheck the scaffolding system to make sure it is still safe.


Frame scaffolding repair checklist

1.After purchase, the customer (the builder or contractor) should install the scaffolding in accordance with the manufacturer's guidelines.

2. When moving and transporting scaffolding ladder equipment, customers should take extra care and ensure that they are properly stored using the correct storage system. Develop a proper scaffold maintenance checklist and follow the checklist.

3. Frame scaffolding should ideally be stored in a suitable moisture-free and frost-free environment.

4. Check the scaffolding regularly, and if you find any general damage or damage, please provide necessary repairs and/or refurbishment.


How to properly maintain frame scaffolding?

1.The handling, transportation and storage of the scaffolding ladder frame will greatly affect the service life of any scaffolding type. If the correct scaffolding wine rack is not used to store the scaffolding equipment, will the scaffolding tube bend, warp, beat and dent? This will reduce the actual design load supporting capacity and overall strength of the scaffold unit. In order to avoid metal corrosion and strength reduction, please store the scaffolding in a moisture-free and frost-free environment.

2. Frame scaffolding equipment needs to be repaired or refurbished, regardless of the contractor's degree of caution in time, general damage and accidental accidental damage will occur. Before and after each use of scaffolding, scaffolding ladder frame should be checked regularly, which is usually recommended. This will help the contractor to take quick action on damaged scaffolds, which may need to be repaired or refurbished to make them suitable for operation, properly support the load and restore the structure to good condition.

3. Any type of scaffolding or traditional pipe and fitting scaffolding are usually made of aluminum or steel. In essence, metal is not only prone to corrosion, but also prone to dent, damage and bending. Therefore, the correct handling and installation, transportation and storage of the scaffolding system and the repair or refurbishment of the scaffolding system are essential.


Frame scaffolding is considered the strongest product in any large or large construction project. No matter which type of scaffolding you are using, it should be stored, inspected and maintained regularly. If you are looking for high-quality scaffolding ladder frame equipment at a reasonable price, Nanjing Tuopeng Construction Technology Co. Ltd will provide you with the best products.

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